Monday, May 27, 2013


What is WEPO?
WEPO, also know as the Women in Engineering Program Orienation, is an immersive orientation designed to introduce first year women to Penn State College of Engineering and to the engineering career path.  This three-day award-winner orientation engages students in resource building, career preperation, and active mentoring to facilitate academic and career success.  WEPO consistently generates unparalleled engineering retention metrics!

 WEPO Details
During WEPO, participants will stay at the Atherton Hotel with upper-level women engineering
mentors.  You also get to move into your residence hall on Wednesday morning, ahead of other University Park Students.  All activities, room and board during WEPO are provided by the Penn State Women in Engineering Program.  Participants pay only $150 regristration fee.  (Fee waivers are available for those with demostrated need.)

Why participate in WEPO?
Participants will:
  • Build a partnership with a successful upper-level WEP mentor
  • Acclimate to resources, engineering software, and on-line course management tools
  • Learn success strategies for academic achievement and personal wellness
  • Participate in a a professional networking reception and career dinner
  • Make friends with women in your classes and dorms
  • Engage in a hands-on engineering design project
  • Build your first techincal resume
  • Network with faculty, staff, alumni and students
  • Move into residence halls early (University Park campus only)
Check out the video from WEPO 2012!!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I need a place to live!

Regardless of which college campus you are attending it is very important that you find somewhere to live early to relieve unnecessary stress with an upcoming new year.

There are several places to live near University Park Campus.  If you are relocating from a campus college and wish to live on University Park campus, then fill out the request card that you receive in your offer packet.  (If you did not receive one, call Housing/Food Services and request one.)  You MUST return this request card to be considered for on-campus housing.  As long as space is available students will be mailed a supplemental contract.  If all spaces are filled, your name will be added to the Contract Waiting List.

If you wish to live off-campus it may make it easier to live where there is a larger off-campus student population.  At the University Park campis, there are five student complezes located on Vairo Blvd.  These are The Pointe, Nittany Crossing, University Commons, Heritage Oaks, and Copper Beach II.  Students have found that searching off-campus housing in early May or June provides better housing deals for their apartments.  The contact information for these and several others can be fund at  In addition, to see other students posting you can visit

Monday, May 6, 2013


What is MEPO?
MEPO, also known as the Multicultural Engineering Program Orientataion, is an exciting three-day introduction to the College of Engineering, the Office of Engineering Diversity, and Penn State.  The program is meant to benefit first-year engineering students attending Penn State in the Fall.  Participants will have a chance to connect with other incoming freshman as well as current undergraduate engineering students attending Penn State - University Park.

MEPO Details
During MEPO, participants stay at the Days Inn Hotel in State College with upper-level MEP
engineering mentors.  Participants accepted to University Park will be able to move into their residence halls on the Wednesday prior to the first day of classes, ahead of other University Park students.  All MEPO activies (meals and housing) are provided by MEP. Participants pay only the $100 regristration fee. (Fee waivers are available for those who demonstrate financial need.)

Why Participate in MEPO?
MEPO participants will:
  • Have an upperclassman mentor for their entire first year
  • Network with Penn State Alumni and Industry Partners
  • Participate in an engineering design competition
  • Gain 0.5 credit before their first year even begins
  • Have the opportunity to make new friends before Fall classes start
  • Become experts working with the Penn State computer systems
  • Move into their dorm rooms early (University Park campus only)

Check out the video from MEPO 2012!