Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Exactly is PreF?!

PreF is also known as the Pre-First Year in Science and Engineering Program.  It is a 6 week program hosted by the Office of Engineering Diversity on Penn State's University Park Campus.

What is PreF?
The program is designed for first year students in an engineering or science based major.  It includes not only in-class time for 4 major classes but also structured social and professional development activities.  The objective of PreF is to maximize the rentention of first year science and engineering students at Penn  State.  We do this by guiding students through a preview of their 1st
year classes, which gives them a head start in to their college career.

Why PreF?
PreF has been running at Penn State for 22 years and through research we have determined the following benefits by participating in the program.  Participants:
  • Have a higher GPA than Non-Participants
  • Are more likely to graduate from the PSU College of Engineering
  • Are more likely to land competitive salaries in internships, co-ops and full time employment
  • Earn amazing academic scholarships
  • Acclimate more easily to the college environment
  • Build an extensive network of lifelong friends
The PreF Program
PreF students will have a head start in to Penn State and the College of Engineering.  Group study session are a part of the program as is professional development workshops and a field trip.  PreF gives participants a preview of the following classes:
College Success Skills

When and Where?
PreF will be held from June 24 - August 2, 2013.  Participants will be housed in student residence halls on University Park Campus.

What does it cost?
The program cost is $500. This includes room & board, field trips, courses and tutoring.  This is a highly subsidized price, the remaining expenses are covered by corporate sponsorships.

How to apply?
Applications were mailed to all multicultural first year engineering students.  So fill out the application and send it back by May 6th!

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